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living with the magic that is art

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I’ve been listening. For 2 years since I started Art Fare I’ve heard from so many of you saying you struggle with photography for your business or brand or just yourself!

I’ve made Photography for Entrepreneurs. A class with short, easy to understand videos to get you taking gorgeous photos immediately. You do not need a PHD to do this. You need to learn a few key things that you can come back to again and again.

So don’t wait. Get excited to start nailing photography. Click the link in bio now. I can’t wait to see you in there.  

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What you need is some direction, right? Each one of us falls into one of four elemental signs. Air, Water, Earth, or Fire. In my experience, these elements are crazy impactful. Give it a try. Find your element based on your birthday. Spend a moment looking at the images in your category. Does one or more stir something inside you? This is where you start.

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fine art acrylics

Are you ready for something stunning?
AF Acrylics deliver major impact. These dynamic works of art transform any space. Find the one meant for you. 

youtube channel

I get asked everyday how to take better photos, and how to print art, and how to add art into the home. This is all so visual and YouTube is the place to be. If you can't make it to one of my workshops, why not learn new skills from your own home?


There are so many ways to live with art, and so many cool people to inspire us! Their stories live here. Sometimes I like to write about life and the things we all care about. After all: Existing is a fact, but living is an art! 



these are everything. a gorgeous printed lookbook of images for you to live with. tack these babies up on the wall. or pop them in a standard 11x17 frame. boom. just like that's you've got killer art. see where it takes you! click below to see all 4


Keep in touch! Art Fare only sends out one email a month, I think less is more! You'll get an update on workshops, profiles, give aways, and what's happening in the world of art. This is the good stuff! 

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