jolie goodson


I spent my 20s working in New York for Vogue and Annie Leibovitz, and traveling the world. I spent my 30s in Portland working for Starbucks, Nike, adidas, Pendleton, and still traveling the world! Now that I’m 40 and an entrepreneur, I see so many people struggling with photography and I want to help.

If this is you, download my Photography for Entrepreneurs Class! Get ready to save tons of money on hiring professionals, and start posting gorgeous photos every day.


I think that art can be a loaded and over dramatized word. Do you like something? Does it make you feel good? Whatever it does for you, that's what matters. And you don't have to validate your choices to anyone.

Ask me anything! I'm here for you and would truly love to talk about art, home decor, taking pictures, travel, working for yourself, and anything else you want! Email me at or use the easy form below.

Giving Back

I believe we are all connected, and I feel that strongly when I see people across the globe with the same entrepreneurial fire that I have. Travel is what makes me tick. I started seeing the world with my family at a young age. The urge to see and feel the entire world has always been the driving force in my life, it’s how I make most decisions. I feel such a connection to these people, moving through the world in the same way I do, creating art and trying to build an awesome life. I have been able to stay true to myself and build the life of my dreams in the same way that many others are trying to do. I am lucky and grateful to have the family, friends, and resources to build a life I freakin love.

Kiva is my ideal organization. They give micro loans all over the world to people with dreams, people who want to build an awesome life. I have been giving monthly loans to Kiva for many years, and I am thrilled to be able to loan 6% of Art Fare’s profits! We are ALL in this together, and Art Fare’s resources can reach and impact others. Let’s do this!!

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