10 tips for Better Photos on Vacation! part 3


These next 2 tips are similar to last week's tips, where we talked about making connections with strangers and getting portraits, versus capturing life of people unaware of you. This week I want to put out the same idea but how it relates to your friends, families, kids, whoever you are traveling with. How great is it to come home with photos from vacation of your loved ones in some amazing place? Right?! Read on... Tip 6: No posing. Sure you can have a photo of your favorite people smiling at the camera for you... zzzzzzz... oh sorry I just fell asleep! You know what is even better?? Capturing your favorite people in some gorgeous setting where they are just part of the scene. Frame worthy. The photo at the top of the page is good example taken in Greece 2 years ago.

My boyfriend is sitting to the left of the frame. He thought I was photographing only the guy on the right. But I had my lens open really wide and was getting the whole scene. We love this photo and have it on our wall. It looks like photos I take all the time of strangers, but it's us! Super cool.

Last year we did a family trip to Martha's Vineyard to stay with one of my best friends from New York at their home there. My favorite host gift in these situations is to take my camera with me and gift them some awesome photos. This is one of my favorites of their daughter:


Nope you can't see her face very well. But I wasn't worried about that. The light is gorgeous, the movement and feeling of the photo is perfect. It's about the feeling that you get from this moment. This photo could be printed large and loved for generations. It's about capturing what you see and staying out of the way of the life being lived, as opposed to orchestrating a scene.

I also love this one of my daughter on Oahu. Again, you can't see her face, but you can feel the sun on your skin and the joy of the moment!


Tip 7: Posing! (See how I do that? It's fun. There are always two sides!) Now let's talk about the exact opposite. Sometimes you are in a gorgeous setting and you know exactly what you want, so you tell your companion exactly where to go and what to do- and there is no shame in that!


This is an example of a time I totally set up the shot I wanted. I told my bf to go putter around the lounge chair and I got in the pool and set up the shot I had in my mind. I like the 2 different water elements with the human element in there too.

IMG_2114And this is an example of the exact some MV vacation and the same daughter. But this time I had her face the way I wanted for the light, and flash me a smile. If you have a willing subject, this can totally work. I think both photos of her are equally great. And her family walks away with 2 cool and very different shots. So both methods are great to use- just use your best judgement!

Have any great examples of posed vs non-posed vacation photos? Tell me about them in the comments! And come back next week for the last 3 big tips!!