Jill Spitznass and the most chic apartment in NW


I have been so fortunate to call Jill Spitznass a friend for about 7 years now. She is by far the most chic person I know. When I met her I was so impressed. Her style, her intelligence, her cool factor. She is a woman who keeps her power. She seems comfortable in her own skin and it's so attractive. 

Jill lived for many years in an adorable house in Irvington we called The Cupcake because the roofline made the house look like a cupcake. She is mom to a super dynamic daughter, Page, who left for college a few years ago. Jill was ready for a change, and moving into a 1920s Craftsman apartment in the heart of NW felt like the next right move.  

This home is exactly like Jill. Chic, put together with care, but not excessive. All style and substance. One thing I learned about Jill through profiling her is how crafty she is! I guess it shouldn't be a surprise because she is a creative. Jill is a style editor and art director who has worked for Nordstrom, Portland Monthly Magazine, and currently Nike. It turns out Jill is the type of person to troll antique markets and find something with possibility which she then transforms with sandpaper, paint, and a few other tools. Crafty people win, I swear. I wish I had that gene! 


The art above her sink is a poster advertisement for a French shipping line Jill found at Divine Consign in downtown Vancouver. It came in an oak frame which she repainted black to make it sharp. 

Jill introduced me to O'Gallerie which is a gallery in Portland for Fine Art, Antiques, and they hold Estate Auctions! I mean, did you know this was happening? I sure didn't. They have viewing hours on a weekend where you can go find what you are interested in. The auction takes place the following Monday night. You can either be there in person, or someone from the gallery can call you and bid for you in real time. How fun is that? She scored quite a few things in her home from O'Gallerie including the oil painting in her dining nook. 


Jill got that gorgeous desert painting in her living room from the William Temple House thrift store in NW Portland. She loves popping in there since she lives walking distance from it.

It's something I love to do. It's like therapy for me. I love to go in there and dig through the racks. I find great books, I look for art. I love this desert piece. Something about it does it for me. I can smell the sagebrush. If there were a fire, I would grab Page's baby books and this painting.

She also loves the Community Warehouse on NE MLK and Fremont, and Stars Antique Mall in East Moreland.

Exploring places like that are my idea of an adventure.

At Stars she found the poster framed above the TV. A beautiful poster for 5 dollars becomes a work of art after she has it double matted and framed. This isn't something many of us think of, but crafty people do! 


She got her cool light from West Elm. Larger stores like that can be great when you mix it up. I think the chicest people know how to mix their furnishings just like they do their clothing. Old with new, expensive with bargains. Jill does this with ease. Her lovely woven chairs in the dining nook are from West Elm too. 

Her gorgeous rug came from O'Gallerie, as well as the Calder Lithograph. Are you ready to check out the O'Gallerie auctions or what? I am.  


Jill found her shells at a little shop in NE called Demimonde which sells jewelry and vintage. One splurge Jill made was on the curtains throughout her home.

There is nothing more depressing that the mini-blinds that come with an apartment.

So true. 


I approach art and furnishing like I do clothing. I just buy what I love. 

Jill doesn't have some big master plan. She surrounds herself with things she loves and because of this her home feels very personal. This is not the work of an outside designer or a copy of a catalog. It's her. 


As an editor, writing is a big part of Jill's job and talent.

For me, work always comes down to style, and talking about style. 

She feels lucky to have been able to have a career using her two loves, style and writing. One of the quotes she lives by is, "beware of all enterprises that require new clothes" which means not being yourself.

That being said, she also knows life is about change and evolution. Jill has always had a strong case of wanderlust. Travel and adventure are always beckoning. Having an easy apartment makes leaving town no big deal. She finds herself wondering what's next. Jill also has a novel in her head - a thinly veiled memoir - and I hope she gets it out because trust me you guys, we want to read it. 

Thank you Jill Spitz for being such as rad part of my tribe and sharing your wisdom, experience, and cool girl style with all of us. 

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