Tanya Wheeless brings wellness to business


There are some people who just shine. They make stuff happen. You know what I’m talking about. They get shit done, and have fun doing it. Tanya Wheeless is this type of person. I met her at a multi day event in NYC held by Fast Company magazine. Budding entrepreneurs got to spend hour long chunks learning from successful entrepreneurs in the city - like Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop, Eileen Fisher, and Food52. She and I were both taking a class about marketing a brand new business, we were seated next to each other and really hit it off. We ended up forming a Mastermind group that met via Skype once a month to bounce business ideas and questions off each other, which can be huge for people working mostly alone. All of this says so much about Tanya (and me I guess). She does things. Ambition comes naturally. So does optimism. I knew Tanya was special just from her energy, and this was all before I knew her story! 

She began her career as a lawyer, moved on to become the CEO of the Arizona Bankers Association at 28 years old (WHAT? I know!) And then became the Senior Vice President of the Phoenix Suns, as in the NBA team. Who is this person right?? When I met her she had suffered from major burn out and was starting a brand new business. As you might guess, those insane jobs were round the clock/devote your life kind of jobs. Totally unsustainable. Especially if you reach a point where you might want to see your husband every so often and maybe have kids. 

This is a topic I find myself discussing so much lately. Many of us women have major ambition. We've got things we want to accomplish and the knowledge and skills to do it. We also are the nurturers. It's like we are hard wired to do the Emotional Labor in our families - the scheduling and the planning and making sure it's all happening. Dear Sugars did an amazing Podcast episode on this. Now my friends and I will randomly text eachother I AM THE LIST. It's so true. But how can we possibly do it all? That is the thing ambitious moms struggle with. 

Tanya felt this strongly, and started a business to tackle this very thing - ambition with wellness. What do we need to stay sane and healthy while still kicking ass in our careers? Tanya is out to make this happen for women. Her company is called Happy Grace and she leads workshops, produces a podcast, and wrote 3 books with journals. She believes in many of the same things I do and I love these lines from her site:

Owning our power to create the lives we want.
Unabashedly making our well-being and sanity a priority.
Freedom, fierceness and fun.

I recently got to visit Tanya at her home in Phoenix to do our Mastermind session in person for a change! This is her guest house that she's turned into her work studio. How gorgeous is this? Tanya has great style. She is a Fire sign and it shows because she likes ENERGY. Her decor is bold colors and patterns. This studio is perfect to record videos and her podcast. It also has plenty of room for filling orders on Happy Grace workbooks and journals. Notice the stacks! 


I also of course snooped around her house to drool over her art and share it all with you because this is Art Fare and we like to see what people are doing with art and decor, right? Right. 


Loving those curtains. More bold colors and patterns for the Fire sign. Don't know what I'm talking about? I have a big thing about our elemental signs and how they affect us. You can read about it here. 


Kindof obsessed with bathrooms and this Gray Malin print is so freaking good! 


But this is my favorite. I'm a Water Sign and I can just feel this cool water on my body as I look at this print. I could stare at this all day!! Tanya got it from One King's Lane, which is a great place for art and decor. I have found many pieces from them. 


One of the pillars of Tanya's self care is TRAVEL. See? Another reason why we are such good friends! Here she displays some of her favorite snaps from family trips abroad. Tanya, her husband and son take atleast 3 rad trips every year across the globe which is #goals and something she never could do before starting her own company and working for herself. You can find her travel blog here. You can also follow her incredible trips on Instagram here.

Thank you Tanya for being a part of Art Fare! 

Be sure to share this post with any ambitious ladies in your life who could use a dose of Happy Grace! 

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