7 ways to turn your photos into ART


This month's info is so good! This is the real deal here. So you are killing it taking photos that you love. Now what. I will tell you! I've got 7 sweet ways to turn your photos into art that will be beautiful and actually mean something to you! Week one I will share 2 ways that are more of a splurge. Super dynamic and worth every dollar. If they are over your budget today, earmark them for tomorrow and come back next week for 2 complete steals.

1. Whitewall. A few years ago on a trip to NYC I was wandering through some art galleries downtown and saw huge gorgeous photographs printed under acrylic glass and became obsessed. I wanted to find the exact company that did this for this particular gallery. And through the wonders of the world wide web, I was able to find it! Whitewall. They are out of Germany, but do business all over the world. Photos on your computer screen look great because they are backlit. And this method of acrylic coating produces a luminous look too that is perfect for some photographs. It is super glossy and seems to glow on the wall! I knew just the photo to start with of mine- a dynamic shot of icebergs in Patagonia. The bright crisp treatment is just want I wanted for this shot.  This company is super high quality, and not inexpensive. My print is  40x50 and cost me over $500. This is an investment worth making. But actually, if you were to buy a print of this size from an artist at a gallery, you would pay from 2-4 thousand bucks. So spending 500 and having it be your own art is less expensive and more meaningful! Awesome!


This company lists other services too- like printing on Aluminum. This sounded super industrial and I had to try it.


I chose this photo taken last year in Prague, and the option of a "direct print on brushed aluminum" because the whites essentially get brushed away to reveal the metal underneath. This was perfect! Because the photo was taken on an overcast day and the sky was completely white. I love the photo but the all white sky just isn't ideal. This way it's actually super cool because instead of a large white sky it's metal- I love it! This is why it's important to choose the right format for your image. Think about the strengths or weaknesses of the image and how you can improve upon or highlight what you love about that shot.

2. Photowall. One of the things I am hot on is turning my photos into wallpaper. Yes, you can buy wall murals of photos that someone else took on various websites. Yep that's cute and neat and looks good. But- imagine it was a photo YOU TOOK!! Imagine every time you walked into the room you got this little rush of memory of that dreamy vacation and pride knowing that you took that photograph! Well you can do it and it's easy. I took this picture of the amazing turquoise water on Oahu. This was one of my very favorite vacations I have ever taken. We went with our best friends and all of our kids. We splurged on a super dope house over the water on Lanikai beach. It was- bananas. And every time we walk up the stairs we remember that week and it makes us happy. My daughter will even say as she walks by, "I swam in that water!" I love this- because it keeps our vacations close in our minds, and I believe what we think about is what we bring into our lives- and trust me I want more of that in my life!!



Before my daughter was born I knew I wanted to do photo wallpaper in her nursery. So we picked this palm grove I shot in the Dominican Republic. I love the depth it gave to the small room, and I imagined it would be a fun jumping off point for make-believe adventures!


In 10 tips for Better Photos on Vacation we talked about filling the frame with big color or big scenes. Well wallpaper is something rad to do with images like that. I obviously love water and have a thing for photos of tropical scenes, but maybe your thing is a walk in the woods. Go out and take photos in your favorite forest. Or the gorgeous desert. Try it at different times of day. Bring what delights you into your home! (To download the cheatsheet I made for taking rad photos on vacation click here)

The cool thing about Photowall is they will send you the paste and a brush and everything you need to hang your wallpaper. For this wall, I was able to do it in one afternoon with the help of my awesome mother. This seemed manageable to me because it was a pretty straight forward wall. For the photo on the stairwell- I hired someone to do it. Maybe I could have done it? But I didn't care to and that's just fine!

I'm excited for you guys to try these out. Go ahead and be bold! Why not? Leave a comment telling me what image you want to take and turn into wallpaper! And what room will you do it in? Let's inspire eachother!