7 ways to turn your photos into ART- part 2


Ok after last week's 2 splurges, it's time to talk about some amazing steals that can be had to add art into your home! 3. Social Print Studio. This company produces such high quality stuff. The paper they use is so dope. Super thick with the perfect finish. I constantly buy their "squares" which are 4x4 inch prints on the signature thick card stock. Their process is archival which means it will last through the years and not fade away like the photos our parents used to take. You get 24 prints for $12. Did you hear that?? Twelve dollars! Ridiculous. Get some. Get 3 sets. I use these in soooo many ways. I print out vacation photos and put them all over my bulletin board in my office as happy reminders. I leave them in my daughter's lunch or on her bed. She puts them up on this cool magnetic board in her room.


I put them in my guy's suitcase when he leaves on work trips. I use them as thank you cards to clients and friends- it adds a sweet personal touch. My daughter gives them to her friends too- her bestie took one with her to France this past summer and sent us photos with it. I mean, how sweet is this taken on the Riviera?

IMG_1459I also use their "mini squares" as my business cards. You can print anything you want on one side so I print my contact info. So lovely and different and personal. Something like this is likely to be held on to rather than tossed!


4. IKEA. You might be surprised I'm listing IKEA since I am flat out against using art from there in your home. I mean, how inspiring can something be that means nothing to you and was mass produced by the millions? However! Frames from there are a steal. And creating a photo gallery in your home or office is so gratifying. Having photos professionally framed can be an expensive deal-breaker for many of us. So just buy them from IKEA and make it happen.

One important tip: If you are framing a photo larger than 11x14, you will need to take this photo to an Art Supply Store or Frame Shop and have it Mounted. This means they adhere your art to a thick mat board of some kind. If you do not do this, your photo will buckle and settle into waves under the glass. This looks terrible and ruins the print. The good news is this process is inexpensive- around $10! So go ahead and use the IKEA frame for a large print- just have it mounted!


This is our upstairs hallway. Every time we go on vacation, we pick our favorite images from the trip and add them to the gallery. It feels really special to have them this way. It says to us- these times are precious and worthy of a gallery setting. As you can see, a few of the frames are still empty, awaiting this year's photos. An important tip if you are buying from IKEA is that their stock changes regularly. I knew I had space for 9 frames and I wanted them all the same, so I bought all 9 frames at once because 2 months later these frames were gone and I'm sure we will never see them again. A different and very cool look is to mix and match sizes, colors, and/or frame styles. It just wasn't what I wanted so buying all the frames at once was key!

I hope you are feeling inspired! These 2 ideas are so easy and affordable- you can take advantage of them immediately! Once you've started adding art into your home- you will get on a roll and it will be fun and rewarding. Use the buttons below to share these tips with people you know who would love them! See you next week for part 3...