7 ways to turn your photos into ART- part 3


So far we have covered a few splurges, a couple steals, and this week I am going to share 3 awesome links to what I consider middle ground for creating your own art. These are awesome, doable, and not expensive- but not cheap because the quality is high. A great easy investment! 5. Framebridge. This place rocks. You can upload a photo and choose your frame (and mat if you like) and boom: a professional quality work of art arrives at your door. It is practically fool-proof. I love this mirrored frame from them. I also love how many different frame options they have, but not TOO many. It's been curated by people with good taste. This is so helpful! I encourage you to go to their website and check it out. All different types of wood and metal, matted or not. They even show you what each one looks like hanging in a room which is awesome!


6. Md-Canvas. I know many people love canvas! I am starting to feel a bit of "been there, done that" about photos on canvas, but I know it is very popular so I want to show you a company that does an incredible job. The quality of the print with this company is some of the best I've seen. And they offer a floater frame which I used for this photo and absolutely love it. The floater frame really takes boring canvas to the next level. It looks polished and professional. As a side note: I would definitely caution against some of the bargain canvas offers out there- poor quality really shows! This is your art so treat it as such and go for the best quality you can afford.


7. Plywerk. This is one of the first companies I printed with because I love their work so so much. You upload your photo and they print it and mount it on wood- either bamboo or maple. It comes ready to hang. They are a local business for us Portlanders (go Portland! I love it here) and they care so much about the product they are producing. Every time I get something from them I am truly delighted with it, it always looks better than I imagined. I really like sending them a series of images that will hang together. Maybe because I think the simplicity of plywerk really works in a group, there is no frame or border, just a clean presentation.




I hope you will try some of these out! All 3 of these ideas are a great jumping off point for creating special art that means something to you and you can be proud of and inspired by! That's the goal! Be sure to come back and tell us all about your experiences- you will inspire others!