7 ways to turn your photos into ART- part 4


This month we have covered a whole variety of ways to get your photos into your lives. It's so exciting! Being surrounded by art that means something to me is huge and I know you want the same thing. One key topic we have not covered yet is where to make actual prints! I know this is a question for most of us- where should we send our digital files to print?? I will tell you! I use a company called Miller's Lab. They are my absolute favorite. However, they only work with professionals. BUT! The great news is that they started a company for everyone called Mpix! This is wonderful! On their website it says "Print like a Pro" and that is exactly right because tons of professional photographers use these guys and the quality is fantastic.

The basic paper they use is called E-Surface and it is wonderful. You don't need anything else. But they do have 2 other options that I love and you should consider. Metallic paper gives your photo a sheen. Just a subtle sheen that is very glossy. You just have to try it. I use it for printing portraits and people LOVE it. However, I do not and would not use it for printing travel photos. It's just a matter of preference and you should play around and see what you like.

The other cool option for printing black and white images is their True B&W paper. This is their only paper that has a Matte Finish and can enhance the contrast of b&w shots. But just because you are printing b&w does not mean you have to use this paper. I print b&w on Metallic paper a lot and like that effect. It just depends on what you are going for. The metallic adds a bit of magic to things- which is cool when it works- but is not what we are going for all the time. Sometimes that Matte Finish is exactly right.


This shows the exact same photo printed on Metallic paper on the left, and True B&W on the right. You can see how different the 2 papers are. What is harder to see is that the left one is very glossy while the right is matte. Like I said, experiment and learn what you like! Personally, I prefer the True B&W for a travel photo such as this. But Metallic for a portrait like this one:


I do these photos every year as our holiday "card" and the metallic sheen makes them pop.

I went online for you guys to look up what Walgreen's charges for photo printing. I was prepared to tell you that no matter the difference in cost- the superior quality of Miller's is worth it! But surprise!! Mpix is cheaper than Walgreen's!! Hard to believe- but true. So now there is not one reason to send your photos to a Pharmacy. This is a big win. So set up your account on Mpix right now. This is your new normal.

I know there has been a ton of info this month! And maybe you wish you could save this info for when you are ready to make some art moves right? So I made this nifty cheat sheet for you! Just click to download.

Now you have everything you need to make your own art! Prints, frames, canvas, metal, acrylic, wallpaper- this is so fun! Nothing is stopping you from making some magic. Please share your success stories here to inspire everyone! Next month I will continue to share ways to bring art into your home, but not necessarily about photography. Intrigued? Good! See you next week.