A guy's POV. Art Fare Profile! Jake Goodson


I think it's time we get a guy's perspective, am I right?! Traditionally guys might have the reputation of having bachelor pads devoid of any soul or style. This is an unfair stereotype! And totally not true when it comes to this week's Art Fare Profile of Jake Goodson. For those of you that know me, you know Jake is my ex husband. For those of you that don’t know me, don’t worry! We are good. We share a beautiful daughter and we are those exes that throw the birthday party together and do Christmas breakfast together - we are very Gwyneth and Chris - you feel me?

Jake has tons of style. What I love about his house is that it remains masculine while being incredibly stylish. He chooses art that means a lot to him, whether it's a photograph of a lineup he'd love to surf, or art from his favorite country to visit- Mexico. Yes it takes loads of confidence to do this, which can be especially tough for guys I think. But honestly that quality is one that can be built up over time. By making one choice at a time that works, your confidence grows.

modern living room

modern living room

The photograph on the left was taken by a friend of Jake's who shoots photography as a hobby. They were on the Oregon coast checking the surf together.

I asked him to get a real pulled in shot with nothing but the corderoy. 


modern decor wallpaper

wallpaper photographs dining room

This wallpaper is by Graham & Brown. Having a graphic print in the dining room really helps separate the space from the rest of the living room. The framed photographs are Jake's favorites of mine. He calls the one of the girl at the Louvre my masterpiece, which is very generous and I'll take it. Once again, having art in your home by people that you know and love gives them so much meaning and is something we all can do.

modern art trays

These trays are super duper dope. I am completely in love with these babies. They are Kaleido Trays from Design Within Reach. Something like this makes such a statement and is so non-committal. It's not as scary as installing wallpaper!!

When I have special people come over to the house I'll ask them to arrange it in the way they see fit. My sister Lily did something totally creative and flipped them upside down and stacked them in a way I would never, ever have thought to do. I'll leave them like that for a couple months if I like it. If I don't I'll change it as soon as they leave! 

stairwell animal head

Jake does a good job of using large bold art like the stag's head above, and smaller pieces like this tool collection. I absolutely love how he hung this stag in the stairwell and painted the space so graphically. The tools were made by Jake's great grandfather who was a miner in the Sawtooth mountains. He made them for his son before leaving for San Francisco. Having this kind of family history displayed so thoughtfully is awesome and inspiring!

mexican masks

mexican masks

These masks are collected from different cities in Mexico. Jake has spent a great deal of time in Mexico throughout his life and that connection is apparent throughout his home. More on that next week! Where I look closer at 2 of the most prominent themes in Jake's house, Mexican art, and board sports. The guy built a skate ramp in his backyard!! It takes up most of the yard and you don't want to miss it!

In the meantime, share this post with the guys in your life! Or the ladies in your life who would love their guys to think more about their homes and art!