Art everywhere! Part 2 with Regan Nelson.


Welcome back to Part 2 with Regan Nelson! She is so good about incorporating art into her home. And have you noticed it is always art that is very personal to her family? Photographs and mementos from favorite vacations, or items passed down from family members. She also does an incredible job with the details in her home. I think we have so many non-traditional opportunities to bring art into our homes. Art doesn't have to be limited to paintings and photography! Lights, counters, towels and shower curtains - the sky's the limit! Speaking of lights, how sweet is this chandelier? Last week we learned of Regan's love for Schoolhouse Electric. This fixture is by them as well and I think it is so creative. The map print here in the dining room is also from Schoolhouse and it is framed with old hardwood floors. Honestly, you will always find something unique from that store! regan nelson

regan nelson

This poster is another example of how Regan turns something inexpensive - like a poster from a favorite vacation - into high impact art. Framing it makes all the difference!

regan nelson

I have to show the kitchen because they did one of my favorite things, concrete countertops. Right? I love them so much. Favorite, favorite. Again, Regan is an Earth sign and it shows in how much she uses natural materials. There is so much wood and tile in the home, and these countertops just add another natural element.

regan nelson

These Oregon and Idaho prints are by Aaron Draplin, a graphic designer in Portland. He takes logos from the particular state and puts them together. These are really fun to spend some time looking at! The detail of them is a nice contrast from the photography the Nelsons have.

regan nelson

I am a big fan of Pendleton towels. Regan and I both think Pendleton items are all works of art, no matter if it's a blanket or a towel. So it's such an easy way to give even a bathroom some style.

regan nelson

Even the shower curtain totally fits in with the esthetic of the house! It's from Schoolhouse Electric again. Regan identifies her style as Rustic Modern which I would say she is nailing.

If I was going to identify with a style, I think that's kindof what we mix. I don't want the full mountain cabin, but I want elements of it. I want a modern house in the mountains. 

personal art

Ok to wrap off this profile I have to share the coolest print. This artwork is by Jane Wooster Scott. Regan's parents commissioned it as a gift for every member of their family as well as 5 other families that they grew up with. All the families are represented in the painting and they all have a copy. How cool is that??? I didn't even know you could do something like it! But I LOVE the idea.

Regan's home is just full of all of these art gems! I hope they sparked an idea or two for you, I know they did for me! If you did get some inspiration from this post, share it with a friend or family member and get the ball rolling!