Art Fare Profile! Amy Leclerc


I am beyond excited to profile one of my favorite people in the world this week on Art Fare. Others know her as Amy Leclerc, VP of the exercise and wellness powerhouse - barre3, mother of two darling kiddos, wife to one good-looking Frenchman. But I know her as my bestie, and someone I get a lot of inspiration and encouragement from! I definitely see her as someone getting it right out there in the world of art and her choices will probably inspire a lot of others. 6S2A8892

Amy has put a lot of thought into getting her living room to feel right. The colors, the texture, the layout, all have been a work in progress and it has really paid off. She tries different things in different places which I think is so smart. She isn't afraid to live with something for a while and move it until everything gels. Now when you walk into her home it feels open and bright with a tranquil vibe that is important when you have 2 active kids and a gang of friends - right?!


I mean, how dreamy is this tryptic? The aerial photography totally gets me every time I see it! These shots are from from Gray Malin, a photographer who does a lot of beach and water inspired photography. He takes aerial shots from a doorless helicopter (how fun is that? bucket list.) She found them on One King's Lane, that amazing site I mentioned in Big Impact at Home. One King's Lane has a tightly curated selection of art, and only a limited amount. So once it's gone, it's gone. I appreciate that because if every single person has the same art - it doesn't feel so special or personal.


This mantel is so creative and looks so dope. She used Bruce Waldleigh from Barnwood Naturals. He is the same guy who did the reclaimed wall in my bedroom. I have not seen a mantel done like this before and I think it looks amazing and fits perfectly with the colors and feeling of the room while adding that warm texture on top of the hard white brick. Love this!

She also had the metal fireplace gate custom made by Lit Workshop in Portland, Oregon. They do custom metalwork and fixtures for commercial spaces. The Leclercs were able to sneak in a special project since Amy's father works there (use your resources people!!)


Amy and her husband Herve have been thoughtful about choosing pieces that speak to their lives together. New York City is where they met and lived for the first few years of their relationship. They love this framed map and it came from a $6 piece of wrapping paper from Paper Source. The print on the right Amy saw in Domino magazine and knew they had to have it because it honestly seems like it was made just for them. Amy may or may not have a heart tattoo in the exact spot! And Herve loves to surf. (More with Herve and his board collection next week!)


This piece is a part of a series of drawings. I'm pretty sure Patricia Arquette has one of the others  -Amy Leclerc

Amy is also REALLY good about buying art from her friends. She gets excited about her friends and their talents and loves having work in her home from people she loves. This rings so true for me!!! We all have friends who produce art in one way or another. It blows my mind that every person's home is not displaying art from their artist friends. One of the best ways to have art that means something to you is to have art by PEOPLE who mean something to you! (I could go on about this, I feel passionate about it!) The print on the left is by M.Blash who is a multi-discipline artist and of one of Amy's dear childhood friends. The print on the right is from a photographer who is one of the Leclerc's best friends (it's me) taken in Paris. You will find a lot of art in the French theme in their home as Herve is from Provence. I'm going to save that for next week, as well as sharing their rad dining room (wallpaper!) and sweet surf themed office. You don't want to miss it!