Art Fare Profile! Amy Leclerc, part 2


Welcome back! Last week I introduced you to the Leclerc family. Amy is so good about choosing home art that actually means a lot to their family and I know you guys will be inspired by their choices. Let's talk about this dining room. It's no secret I am in love with wallpaper. This dalmation print is by Caitlin Wilson, a friend and Interior Designer who makes incredible textiles (think rugs, pillows) and now wallpaper! personal home art profiled by art fare

This was such a smart choice for their home because the bright white walls keep their space feeling really airy and spacious. They didn't want to loose that by putting in a dark crazy wallpaper. This print is so fun and stylish, without loosing any light. The chairs were found on One King's Lane. Again! I'm telling you guys, that site has it all. The cool light fixture Amy found at CB2, which is the more hip sister of Crate & Barrel.

personal home art profiled by art fare

Amy had one of her favorite pieces of art in the dining room; this gorgeous print by Raphael Neff, found at the Lumas Gallery in NYC. But once the wallpaper went up this print just did not work there anymore. This exact thing happened to me with my favorite print and I'm sure happens to most of us. The best thing to do is take a cue from Amy and think of your house as a fluid space, where art can live in one place for a while, then move to a different room. While I was here for our shoot, I found their "For Like Ever" print in the downstairs living room and brought it up to the dining room to try it. Everyone agreed it works perfectly here!

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As for that amazing acrylic photograph, Amy knew it should move to the family office where Herve has set up some of his favorite surf boards. I'm going to let Herve tell you about these beauties, because how much do you love a French accent?! You're welcome!!

[audio mp3=""][/audio]

personal home art profiled by art fare

surfboard decor

He found these super cool acrylic brackets on Amazon to display the boards. Love!!

As you have learned, Herve comes from France. Provence to be more specific. He and the family go back regularly to visit his parents, sister, and other family and friends. So France is a big part of their lives and that is reflected in art all around the house.

french art

french art

When you are at chez Leclerc you are as likely to hear French being spoken as English so it's nice when the art choices reflect that. It all makes sense and is so personal to them as a family. Amy has been able to find a lot of these pieces on Etsy. Etsy is such a great resource for finding personal art that is unique and not mass produced. I love Etsy and am always amazed by the art people find on there, usually at awesome prices to boot.

personal home art profiled by art fare

me - I'm just going to move some things around and try not to be too annoying about it.

Herve - Too late. 

Thanks Leclerc family! Hopefully it wasn't too bad being the subject of an Art Fare profile!

If you want to be featured on an Art Fare profile drop me a line! Or if you know of someone who should be featured send them this post! I can't wait to see what you all are up to!!