Tips from a Pro! Art Fare Profile - Holly Freres.


Hi guys! Are you loving these profiles?? Because I am. Getting to see how other people decorate their homes with personal art is so inspiring. This week I am sharing the home of Holly Freres. You might want to sit down for this one. Her home is ridiculously gorgeous. And I feel I should let you know right away that Holly is an Interior Designer and her husband is an architect, so if viewing their home makes you want to jump out your window, this knowledge will hopefully bring you back from the ledge. We don't all have this powerful combo - but we CAN look at what they are doing and use their incredible style to inspire our own choices! So let's do it! 6S2A8749

I love having something so dramatic between these two big windows. This space needed something that could hold it's own. 

personal art

Holly has chosen some gorgeous paintings for her living room. That can be intimidating for many of us, but I'll let Holly explain how she chooses them:

This is a mixed media piece by a local Portland artist, Braeden Cox. She's a young artist in her 20s. Up and coming I like to think! She paints on paper which is an inexpensive medium. It's acrylic, charcoal, and a mix of natural oils. I had it framed with metal which makes it crisp and clean. We found her after working with the artist of this piece in the dining room who is Braeden's father, Allen Cox. He is a more established and well represented artist across the US. His piece is more sophisticated in level of texture. I think they go so well together on a personal and professional level. 


I totally agree with Holly. How cool to have two amazing works of art by a father and daughter. And the painting in the dining room works really well as the huge windows spill light across the canvas to compliment how the hues change from light to dark.


Holly's family is in the plywood business. So she and her husband, architect David Horning, designed a home using plywood as the hero. This is so cool and smart for anyone thinking to build or remodel - hello cost effective and chic!! In the downstairs living room they have incorporated paintings and drawings by David, a drawing by their older son, and photographs from a photographer friend. The painting above David painted directly on plywood, which gives a different texture than canvas and can be cheaper. All of the pieces here are personal to the family which I love!



This cool piece was a gift from a friend who had it in her San Francisco home. At some point this friend decided she was done with it so Holly was able to scoop it up. As Holly puts it, "One person's trash is another one's treasure!"


Check out the powder room. This wallpaper is killer! It is so smart to choose a small room like the powder room to do a bold dark print and cover the whole thing. This is a room you kind of want dark anyway. The black and gold looks a bit like animal print but is actually leaves. I'm in love.

The Wallpaper is from Hygge & West. Made in the USA!

Isn't this house giving you tons of ideas? And there is so much more to share! Come back next week to see their show-stopping entry, kitchen, bedrooms, and a bathroom you will drool over!