The gorgeous modern home of Holly Freres. Part 2


Welcome back to the second week of Art Fare's profile of Holly Freres! If you missed week one, you can find it here. Her home is so super cool right? I can't wait to show you the rest! Up top is the entry. This painting is Holly's favorite in the home so it gets top billing front and center. She and her husband David found it at an exhibit called Industry and Art. Holly's family is in the plywood business so they work with large machinery and industrial equipment. This exhibit was made up of pieces by people who work as welders, painters, and people who are industry workers and also make art. This artist, Patton Miller, took photos at the shipyard and made paintings from those. 6S2A8775

The kitchen is a place that Holly has made special with lights and fixtures. These lights are from OneFortyThree. This is such a good share, I went on the website (hyperlinked) and this company has some RAD lights, chairs, and accessories. Seriously check it out.

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One of my favorite things are the drawer handles. These are so gorgeous! As soon as I saw them I started dreaming about replacing all my handles with these. Changing out handles is such an easy way to make your home unique! These are by Colonial Bronze and are available at Chown Hardware and Rejuvenation.


This is a piece that's been in my family for a long time, bought by my grandparents in Hawaii. It went from house to house with them. Nobody else ended up wanting it and I love it! The frame is in disrepair but it has a lot of character. We live in such a modern new house and I love having this older piece in my home. 


In their bedroom the couple has one of their most personal pieces of art - which is as it should be! Bedrooms are the perfect place to see things that are ultra personal

David does artwork intermittently, I think it's a nice break from architecture. His dad is a fine art painter so I think he grew up with it. This piece is on a panel he built. He took black and white photographs printed at home and then painted over them with acrylic. As it's worn over time the colors have changed. I can remember where every photo was taken, from different moments in our relationship. It's really special so we put it in the bedroom. We love the idea of how many memories we've had together.  

Also did you guys see that headboard? It's a 12 foot long piece of walnut from a tree that died naturally. Holly had it custom made for the space and I think it is so rad. As you saw from my own bedroom, I think wood warms up a space so much and is perfect there.

modern bathroom bathtub

Her bathroom is a dream for sure. How badly do you want to climb into this tub? But what I really love is this dramatic painting. I mean, a nude is perfect for the bathroom am I right?! This piece also has meaning as it was painted by a good friend. This friend is an ER doctor, a musician, and a painter. (If you are like me you are thinking - seriously?? I'm lucky to take a few good photos. I for sure can not also be a gourmet chef and train dolphins. Some people are good at everything!)

It's so nice to have a piece by a friend. I'm inspired by his music and his artwork. I love that he paints as a hobby and spends so much time doing it. 


I love how art is infused in every room of the house, even the closet! This piece is from the well known cartoonist at the Oregonian, John Callahan. I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling inspired to rethink my closet. How sweet to make it so personal and lovely.

Holly Freres

Thank you so much Holly!! It was so much fun getting to share your home and art!! Be sure to share this with anyone who loves seeing beautiful homes and is working on adding in art!