Art Fare Profile! Sarah Van Raden of Notary Ceramics


I am beyond thrilled to profile one of my favorite people - Sarah Van Raden, the creator and owner of Notary Ceramics. Sarah has a style that is so completely different from my own and I love her home so much. When you walk in what you really feel is how personal the space is. It feels like every last item must have a story to it, and I had to find out if this was true. No surprise - nothing in this house is without meaning. I spent a lovely afternoon photographing Sarah, her home, her ridiculously cute daughters! and hearing the stories of their art. Enjoy!! 6S2A8562

SVR: For as long as I can remember I've wanted to have babies, even when I was a little girl! So I would collect little pictures of children. When I would go to barn sales or garage sales with my mom I would collect those tin types and old photographs. So all these old pictures I started collecting when I was about 10 or 11. Sweet Lorraine - that is my middle name and my mom's and my grandma's middle name, and I gave it to both of my daughters. And on the back of the picture it lists all of our names. 


That cow head is the first piece of art I ever bought! I got it for Paul as a Valentine's Day present. Because I grew up out in the boonies with a bunch of Jersey cows all around us, and it just sort of spoke to me. 


That picture with the little boy in the clogs has a poem written on the back Paul wrote for my grandma. It's about this little Norwegian boy and how he's embarrassed to be Norwegian and of all his Norwegian food. Then at the end he realizes that it's the greatest thing ever and he runs home to his mom very proud to be Norwegian. It's really sweet. The first time he read it to my grandma she cried and cried. Now we read it every year at Christmas time. 

See what I mean?! How rad is this wall of art and mementos??? I die over it. Every single piece has a story. This is something we all can so easily do with pieces of our history and things that have shaped us. They hung it themselves without a decorator or professional framer. We don't need any of those things! It's the imperfection that make this wall so beautiful and perfect.


The rest of her house follows that same spirit. She and her husband have a thing about collecting a basket when they travel. Isn't this a great idea? To pick something to bring home with you from a trip that actually looks good in a collection and isn't super loud or attention grabbing. But each one has meaning to you and pulls up memories of a shared experience.


Like I mentioned at the top of this post. Sarah is an amazing potter. She quit her "day job" of commercial and editorial fashion stylist to create her own business: Notary Ceramics. (Talk about inspiring!) Last year she installed a wheel and kiln in her basement and never looked back. Now she sells to local boutiques and national stores alike where we all drool over her creations. I think ceramics are a perfect way to bring art into your home and blogged about that last month in Big Impact at Home.



There is so much more to share about this beautiful house that I am going to save it for next week! Come back then to see the bedrooms, bathroom, and more! In the meantime, be sure to share this post with anyone working on art for their own home!