Artist Profile!! with Kiersten Crowley


Hey guys! I am so pumped to share this post today! If we are going to take some of the confusion and mystique out of art, then I think it would help to get to know some artists, am I right?! I think so!! And I have just the artist to start with. Reason one, she makes dynomite jewelry that is beyond cool. Reason two, her home/studio is one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever seen! Honestly the moment I saw it I begged her to let me profile her. So she has amazing style that you guys are going to love and get inspiration from for sure. art studio kiersten crowley jewelry

Ok so this is her studio space and it is a complete dream. You walk up the stairs from her dining room, turn around and this is the view you get:

art studio kiersten crowley jewelry

It's HUGE! The ceilings are high and there is so much light. I kind of freaked out. I audio record these sessions and at this point in the audio it's just me going WOW over and over and making weird noises. It's a bit overwhelming. My mind was totally racing with all the things I could do with a space like this. I had total artist envy. A space like this allows Kiersten to create, to showcase, and to shoot! When she needs to photograph a new collection, no need to rent a space or location scout!

art studio kiersten crowley jewelry

This corner is where the magic happens. All of her tools and materials are organized and accessible.

Kiersten told me she used to have her studio space in her basement laundry room. It was dark and cramped, and she was constantly compelled to do laundry all the time!! Turning the huge unfinished attic of her home into her workspace was a complete game changer for her. This is something we bonded over because I too made the decision to devote an entire room of my home into my work space/office and put a ton of effort into making it a place I LOVE to be. I think that can make all the difference for anyone! How can anyone do good work when they are miserable?

In Kiersten's case building this space really opened up her creativity. After moving into it her second line of jewelry, Uni, was born.

It opened up my creative side and allowed me to grow in a new direction. 

During photoshoots she and her team play with the light that comes through the many skylights and change throughout the day. Because she's here every day she can study what the light does and comes up with ideas for her shoots.

art studio kiersten crowley jewelry

You know from past blogs and my shop how into elemental signs I am! Kiersten is a Fire Sign which shows up in her work and her space. She craves warmth and uses lots of fur throws and blankets everywhere. She likes things very bright and light, nothing dark or moody. She uses fire to create her art! Torches and irons are used to form her signature line labeled Kiersten Crowley. For her Uni line of pieces, hot metal is poured into forms she carves by hand.

art studio kiersten crowley jewelry

art studio kiersten crowley jewelry

I love it up here! Instead of hearing the washing machine, I'm hearing the birds or the rain on the roof.

"It's also a completely different space for me. Downstairs I like to keep it really refined and simple. Up here I can really bring out my funky bohemian, maybe a little more girly side. I can play with this space. When I find really funky stuff I think, 'Oh yeah I can put this in the studio!'"

art studio kiersten crowley jewelry

I know you are dying to see the rest of the house right? The part that is refined and simple? Well come back next week as I share all of it! And in the meantime, be sure to share this post with anyone who would love it. See you next week!