Let’s dive into what gives a photo interest. What makes it fun to look at and grab your attention. Color, shapes, and patterns are all things to pay attention to. Let’s start with my favorite- color! SVpool

Clearly I like water. But really, how gorgeous and transportive is a photo frame filled with a lovely body of water? The best. So if you’ve got something like that in front of you- fill the frame! And when you do fill the frame with a lovely color, do yourself a favor and clean your lens. Cleaning the lens of your phone is always a good idea, but it will especially show when the scene is not a busy one with tons going on. Here is a great example:hawaii_2Cool photo, but do you see the smudge down the center of the ocean that makes you want to clean your monitor? Well feel free to try, but that smudge was on the camera lens and is not going anywhere. Boo! So grab your shirt and wipe off the lens before you shoot!

Back to filling a frame and making it count. Like all of the photos above, you don’t need to show the whole scene of a place. Just show the best part. Leave the rest out- allow the viewer to use their imagination for the rest of the scene. Unless the rest of the scene is as dope as this: budabath

In this case, by all means, show the whole scene! But often a little mystery is a good thing. Which brings up another trick of cropping.


Coming in close to show a cool detail can be really interesting. Just like earlier- you don’t need to give it all away. Find what is interesting and make that count.

Another good tip is symmetry. Haven’t you noticed how satisfying symmetrical images feel?


Take the time to get your lines straight and proportions even.


Something else that gives photos interest is light! Keep an eye out for cool sources of light. They can really make your photos pop. In the case of this JT concert- I knew that huge light would look great so I waited for him to move near it. I can hear you saying, "but when I do that the whole photo gets either blown out from too much light or completely dark as my phone over compensates!" Nope! Go back to Part 1 and reread the tip on changing the exposure by tapping the screen- you've got this!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.50.42 PM

Got it? Great.

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