I’ve got 2 more big tips for making magic with that phone of yours. Coming in close, and no posing. I hope you guys don’t have a thing against small blondes, because she’s around me a lot and I’m taking photos of her. But these are examples that can be applied to anyone and anything! Please do not worry about cropping off heads or anything else for that matter. Come in CLOSE. Things get interesting. There is a nice sense of immediacy when you are right up in there. And things don’t feel as formal.


Next is the thing with posing. Why do we do it? Why do we see something really cool happening, and instead of capturing it, we say “Jane! Look at the camera! Look at the camera! Smile!!!” The next time you hear yourself doing this - stop - and pretend you are a documentary photographer out to capture things as they happen!



Here’s one that looks like it could be posed because they are looking at me, but you can tell from the laughter that I just found them that way and luckily had my phone to whip out and snag the moment before it was gone!


This one I love, and was a total hit on Instagram. I framed it up without her knowing. Some family members tried to “help” me by calling my daughters name so she would turn around. But those photos just were not interesting!


Good luck out there guys! Taking photos can be really satisfying when you have a few tricks up your sleeve!

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