Yes you can take better photos on vacation! part 2


Last week I jumped in with some great tips to get you started taking much better photos on vacation. There really are plenty of things you can do to come home with rad photos that you can print and be proud of. You don't need to go to Z Gallery and buy some cheesy scenic photo!! You can totally take your own frame worthy art. Let's get to 2 more of these tips... Don't be a stalker. Smile at someone. Make a connection. Sure it can feel scary. You've heard it before and when you try it you will see that magical things happen when you smile at strangers and show them you are a nice person! I am constantly surprised at how well this works.

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This photo was taken in South Africa. These boys were so sweet and making a personal connection with them was really beautiful. When we travel somewhere new we have an opportunity to show our humanity. Instead of being sketchy, I chose to be friendly, and was rewarded with a smile. Now that our cameras have screens on them we can show our subjects the photos- which everyone loves. Spend 10 minutes with people showing them photos, making friends. Not only will you walk away with super cool images, but also memories that will stay with you forever.

The photo at the top of the page is another perfect example. I love this photo so much! It hangs in my house, I have sold numerous copies of it. This came from just hanging out and not being in a hurry, smiling, being friendly, making connections with people.

Be a stalker. Yes of course sometimes you just snap something on the fly without anyone knowing. Because if they knew it would ruin the moment.


I was hanging out on this beach in Italy, snapping photos of this girl without her knowing. Her yellow suit goes so well with the colors of the boats, and this photo without the life she brings to it would be stale and boring. Alerting her to my picture taking would ruin the moment.

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This photo is a good example of just setting myself up somewhere and taking photos without calling any attention to it. I think people make scenes come to life. I am totally fine with stalking in these cases. Who knows if there are people out there in the world that have me in their photos in their homes? This seems to be one of the magical things about traveling.

I think both of these things get better with practice. So just do your best! When you are feeling bold- make those connections! When you are feeling shy, hang back and stalk a little. Both methods get great results. Leave me a comment sharing your stories with making connections and/or stalking. I'd love to hear them! And come back next week for part 3!

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