Take Better Photos on Vacation! part 3


Who's going on vacation this summer? Lots of us right? Be sure to bring your camera with you and try this tip out. It is simple and super fun to try. Details. I really love getting in close and cropping out information. This photo below is of a cactus shot in Mexico near the Copper Canyon. When you fill the frame with one thing it changes what you are looking at. It's less about a cactus, and more about texture and shapes. This can be such a fun thing to play around with! This is how you create an image that is not only beautiful but interesting.

copper canyon cactus

The image at the top of the post of aspen trees is another example of cropping out most of the scene. What we are left with is monochromatic lines and texture. This image is available in a triptych in the Shop! We have it printed large in our home and it looks amazing. I encourage anyone to play around with cropping out a scene.

portugese church

Here is another example of cropping. Showing the entire building would have been one way to do it. But a more interesting image by far was cropping in close to get just the door and the gorgeous lines of the archway. It also allows us to see the woman sweeping in the door, which to me is the magic of this shot.

mykonos pool

How much more interesting is this shot because you can't see everything? Right? Yes. Cropping can be what takes an ordinary scene to the next level! Definitely give this a try!

patagonia iceburg

I could go on and on! But you see what I mean right? About how filling the frame with the details in a shot can make it so much more interesting. We really don't have to see everything! Sometimes it's better not to.

Click on any image in this post to be taken to it's page in the Shop. Because if you see something here you love, you should have it!

I hope you are enjoying these posts! Be sure to share this with anyone who likes to take their own photos! It's something we can all get better at with a few tips and tricks up our sleeve! See you next week for the final post on how to take better photos on vacation - it's a good one!