Going on vacation? Take better photos!


It's July! I love July. I love summer and in Oregon, July is the best. It is also my birthday, and this year is a special one. I am turning something that beings with a 4 and ends with a 0. Honestly...I am PUMPED. Life is totally freakin good and I think 40 sounds amazing. It might help that my boyfriend and I are traveling to a little place on the map that I have dreamed of for years. A place where my Water Sign heart can be in complete bliss. A place called the Maldives. Heard of it? Well it looks like this 24807e574e61f23cfcf895b9694e0377

And this


I mean. Could you just die??? If you really want to faint, go to Pinterest and type in Maldives. I've been doing that for years and just daydreaming about it like a MoFo. And then what happens? I'm going there to celebrate 40 years of this amazing life!! That's manifestation at its finest. And I promise to come back with some SUPER DOPE photographs for you all to hang on your wall and start manifesting your own trip!!!!!

Anyway! In honor of summer and the vacations we all take, I'm revamping my posts on how to take better photos on vacation! No matter if you are taking pictures with your phone or a DSLR, you can totally come home with pictures worthy of framing. Keep these tips in mind on your next adventure this summer!

Have the camera READY. Do whatever you need to do to have that thing on and in your hands. Carry your other stuff in a backpack. Figure it out. I am constantly on the lookout for cross-body bags that I can wear on vacation that leave my hands free for my camera. Things happen quick. You want to be ready to snap when you see something cool.

I love this photo at the top of the page shot in Paris. It happened so incredibly quickly I can not believe I even got it. And you would never know it but there are about 2 thousand people all around me as this is the Louvre. This girl was playing in the water for 1 second before her parents called her over to them. If my camera was not in my hands and ready it would never have happened. I have this photo printed large in my house and so do a few other people! It reminds me to be ready.


This photo was shot coming out of a subway in Portugal. The birds started flying as soon as we walked up and they were gone so quickly that if my camera wasn't on and in my hands this photo simply would not have happened.

Set aside time ALONE to just wander. Get lost. Follow your gut for a couple hours. Discover a beautiful or interesting spot, sit down, and wait for something to happen. This really does not work with a companion. I promise you. I have been trying it with and without companions for 20 years now and I can state without hesitation that the wandering with a companion does not result in as much magic as the wandering alone. Of course I get great shots when I'm with someone and we are doing our thing. But if you set aside a couple hours to wander alone you will be amazed at what comes from it!

india cow india

These 2 beauties were shot on wandering walks in India. One at night, one in the morning. I still remember how present I felt just being alone and observing my surroundings.

I take these 2 tips to heart on every trip I go on. I will have that camera on and in my hands from the moment that plane touches down in the Maldives. I have a feeling every moment is going to be a stunner and I don't want to miss a thing. And a wonderful side effect of this is it forces you to slow down. I also will set aside time by myself to just take my camera and explore by myself with no agenda. I promise you, this is when the magic happens! You have to try it.

The images in this post are linked to their page in Art Fare Shop! Because if you see something here you love, you should have it!

Where are you going this summer? Somewhere local? Somewhere far away? Send this post to anyone you know with a trip coming up! They will thank you! And check back next week for part 2!