Big Impact at Home. part 1!


So far I've been covering photography exclusively. Because photography is what I do and have lots of experience with. However, there are other forms of art and decor! I do not have a house full of only photography, and all the other elements are just as exciting! I can be pretty bold with my choices, but I honestly think it's all so FUN!! Like I've said, I love to be inspired by my surroundings and I really go for it. Some of these choices might strike a chord with you so this month I will share what I've done to make personal art and big impacts at home! Wallpaper. I dig wallpaper. I just drool over it. There are so so many amazing papers out there and I do not have enough rooms to use them all. When Jeff, Celine, and I moved into this house it was white walls for miles. It really did seem like walking around a gigantic white canvas at all times. The possibilities were endless. For our main living space which includes our living/dining/kitchen I knew we needed something major. The large space could definitely handle it.


I mean, just look at that sad little print. It's actually quite large! But that wall needs something major. So we did this!


I was a little worried such a bold design would be overwhelming, but it definitely is not. The space easily handles it. This wallpaper is from Cole & Son. It's called Circus and they have it in color and black and white. This made me think how cool would it be to put b&w in the entry and have it burst into color in the living room? It's like the Wizard of Oz!!



We also have a photo I took in Hawaii going up our stairwell. Our stairwell is so large it felt like miles of white walls, just like the rest of the place. So we decided to put up the ocean and a palm tree and enjoy the faux tropics as we move through the space.



I printed this photo at It was so easy and affordable! They even send it with the paste. I highly recommend taking your own expansive photo and trying something like this. It's so fun when it's your own personal memory! See my post on Turning your Photos into Art for more on this!



This is the dining room of my old house. The wallpaper is from Graham & Brown, which is a rad site for wallpaper. This wallpaper is thick and feels amazing. I have seen similar wall covers other places where you can tell they went for the cheap stuff. Seriously, don't go for the cheap stuff. It is so so obvious! Yes there are places in decor where you can scrimp but wallpaper is not one of them. Remember this is your home where you spend a lot of time and want to feel proud and inspired when you are there!

I encourage anyone to have fun with wallpaper. It is one of the most impactful and transformative things you can do in your house! Do any of you have wallpaper in your house that you love? Snap a photo and post it here! You will inspire us! See you next week for more Big Impact!