Big Impact at Home. part 2!


Welcome back! This month is pretty fun. I love to make a big impact with art and I thought I might share other ways I've incorporated art into my home besides photography. Our house was a super clean slate with nothing but white walls. Sometimes that can feel cold and sterile right? One element we were quick to add in is wood. It really warms the place up and gives some much needed texture. This is our bedroom. It has a vaulted ceiling and therefore a lot of blank space. We hired Bruce Wadleigh of Barnwood Naturals to install a wall of reclaimed wood. This instantly made our room a warm, cozy space that I can't get enough of! Bruce also custom made this platform bed to go with the wall. I really like that the wall is serving as a giant headboard. But a normal headboard would not have had the impact that the full wall does. And this post is called Big Impact for a reason! Going big made all the difference in this room.


To add more gorgeous wood I had Bruce make these shelves for the hallway outside the bedrooms. I like how open it is. As opposed to buying a bulky armoire, this doesn't break up the space so much. And it makes me keep our linens folded nicely which is a plus because clutter and piles make me feel crazy!



Another way we got the double impact of art and texture is by using Pendleton Wool. Pendleton Wool is a NW company that has been making wool for over a hundred years. Their fabrics are true works of art. You can incorporate their blankets, pillows, and towels - or you can buy the fabric on it's own and do whatever you like with it! That dope blanket on our bed is a Pendleton. And we use their towels in every bathroom:



But my favorite are these chairs.


Right?! We bought the chairs from an antique market, and the fabric by the yard. Then had them reupholstered. I think adding this wool with its dynamic pattern turns the furniture into art! I bet you have a chair or couch you could do something like this with! Even adding pillows makes an artistic statement. Search for Pendleton on Pinterest and you will get a thousand more ideas of how this fabric can add artistic flair to your home!

I hope seeing some of the choices I'm making is giving you food for thought! Share this post with friends that are working on their homes too. And come back next week for more Big Impact at Home!