Big Impact at Home. part 3!


Hi guys! It's kindof fun to see inside someone else's home and the choices they make right? I sure think so. I am always so excited to see what others are doing. I go to every modern home tour and street of dreams I can find! This week I'm going to share 2 more ways we have brought art into our home. In my opinion, art doesn't necessarily have to be a painting or photography. Making fun choices with lights is a rad way to bring artistic elements into play. 6S2A8437


This is a chandelier we had made by Christopher David, which is a design firm that offers full or partial service and I really appreciate that!  Hiring an interior designer seems very intimidating to me. It feels like a huge commitment and usually I'm wanting to do things piece by piece instead of a whole room or house at once! These guys are totally down with that. They created this light fixture for us and it is one of my favorite things in the whole house. Only a few of the bulbs light up, and the rest are there to let light bounce off them. Love it.

We also used some great sconces in our bedroom from Schoolhouse Electric.


They swing out for when we want to use them, which is awesome! Having lights poking out all the time would be annoying. These and many of their sconces have the option of a hidden or dangling cord. I absolutely love the dangling cord for our use. It's this thick braided rope and looks great with our black Pendleton bedspread.

Ok you might be thinking lights from Schoolhouse Electric are pretty expensive and what about some cheaper options?! Well I'm glad you asked! Looky what I found at Target:


This beauty matches perfectly to the sconces! We have it at the other side of the bedroom as a reading light and I feel like when you mix in some cheaper items with the spurges it really works well. Threshold for Target has some dope items, am I right?

Ok one more fun light I love is one I put in my office. This gorgeous thing is from Cedar & Moss. Overhead lights are usually my least favorite. The quality they put out can be so harsh. But this was such an easy fix. The light it gives out is so lovely and its style makes me happy every day. That's what I'm going for! If we are going to live with something everyday we should be pumped about it right?


Aside from lights I think typography can be fun to have around. The last thing I'll share this week is light and typography combined.


This is in my daughter's room and I think it is so fun. It's from an old Texaco sign and I found it in an antique store (which is amazing since I am not someone who trolls antique stores. I must have been with my mother!) Things like this are in the vein of Pop Art, which usually adds color and fun and is good for people who don't take themselves or art too seriously!

Next week I'll share 2 more uses of typography art, so look for Part 4 of Big Impact at Home!