Big Impact at Home. part 4!


Hi guys! I hope you are enjoying my ideas for making a Big Impact at Home this month! If you are interested in creating personal art, I've got your back! I've got a soft spot in my heart for typography. I studied graphic design as well as photography, and worked in the magazine world for a few years (laying out editorial pages at Vogue magazine - there's a little slice of resume for ya!) Even if you don't have a history with typography, most of us can appreciate the dynamic visual it offers. It also offers a nice contrast to other forms of art. The image above is a real subway sign. It has meaning to me because in the years that I lived in NYC I moved around Manhattan a lot, but always on the east side. So this train was one I took no matter where I lived. While a subway sign may mean nothing to you, I bet it gets you thinking of places in your life and signs that might be cool to see every day. We have this in our stairwell pointing downstairs, which is exactly how they are used in New York, so I feel like it works so well!


Apparently we have a thing for Mass Transit in this house, because here is our downstairs bathroom. They are maps of the transit systems in NYC (where I lived in my 20s), San Francisco (where Jeff lived for many years), and Portland where we now live. I know, isn't that just so cute?! But really, anyone can incorporate elements like these - that mean something and are visually interesting and satisfying. The point with all of this is the meaning, as opposed to something we see in a store that just looks cool.


How hot are photo murals right now? They are everywhere! And my house is no exception. This is my office, where I spend a great deal of time every day and therefore spent some time and effort to make it a place I love. This mural was really easy! The bookcases are from Storables, the photo shelves from IKEA. I have filled it with travel photos, work photos, magazines I've shot, art books I love, shells from my travels, special cards, etc. There is no order and I can change it up easily. I would encourage anyone to add a photo mural into their home. There is no easier way to make a big impact - it takes up the whole wall! And is a great way to put the things you love on display.


This is the other photo mural in our home. You may recognize this from the posts on Ways to Turn Your Photos into Art. These are our favorite photos from big vacations we have taken. I think a hallway is a perfect place to put something like this. Hallways can be very very boring. But you are in them all the time! You probably would not put the painting that you saved up for and is your prized piece of art in your hallway, but a personal photo mural? Perfect!

Have these ideas got you thinking? Home Art can be many different things. Pick one and go for it! And if you already have one of these in your home snap a photo and share it on the Art Fare Facebook page!