Big Impact at Home. part 5!


Part 5! The topic of personal art at home is a big one! I feel like I could probably keep going but I will stop at 5. There is a site I have to share because I have used it so much. What should you do when you have some holes to fill in between all the rad art you've made yourself. (Right? You've been making your own showpieces with the help of 7 Ways to Turn Your Photos into Art.) One King's Lane. This site has it all. I really do not spend time trolling websites or shopping online -  but this site is the exception. It is so dangerous to pull up because I will get sucked in every time! I really fell for this site when I moved a few years ago and needed many things for my new home. I did not spend time on multiple sites. I did every last thing on One King's Lane. Rugs, furniture, dishes, storage, and art!


I felt I needed something colorful to go with all the photography in my house. This piece really jumped out at me. With art I have a policy of not making impulse purchases. You can "heart" things on the site to save them and come back to them daily. This allows you some time before pulling the trigger to make sure you love it and can see it in your home. I also bought this beauty for my bathroom.



It's an old Vogue cover. I absolutely love old photography and the contrast it brings to my newer images. I also am a sucker for anything with water so I became obsessed with this print. It fits perfectly in our bathroom and makes me so happy - which is the point of having art!



Another way to bring art into your home is with ceramics. People make the raddest things with clay! And in every style. From modern to bohemian, traditional to vintage, ceramics are a less scary way to start purchasing things that you love and make you happy to live with. I am lucky enough to have a friend who is a potter. She owns Notary Ceramics where she creates gorgeous works of art in the forms of a cup or vase or bowl. I love using these things because I can imagine the effort it took this one person working with clay to create something beautiful and functional. Local boutiques can be a great place to find special pieces like this.


That is it for this month! I am so pumped about next month because I want to share with you some friends of mine who have completely different homes and who are inspiring with their art choices. I have a friend who has purchased some stunning photography on One King's Lane and uses it as one of the main focus points for art in her home. Want to see?? Or you might be interested to see the home of the creator of Notary Ceramics? Come back next week as I profile other people who are getting it right with art!