The Bold and the Bluetiful. Collab with Scarlet & Alex


Recently I got together with 2 of the most bold and badass babes I know, Scarlet Chamberlin and Alexandra Franzen. Scarlet is a killer fashion stylist, and Alex is a sought-after writing guru. We got to talking about how across our industries, going big pays off. Alex put it perfectly when she said:

During the photoshoot, Jolie, Scarlet, and I started talking about the idea of being "too much." Too colorful. Too bold. Too confident. Too sexual. Too opinionated. Too successful. Too happy. Too... whatever.

So many of us—myself included—feel afraid of being "a little too much." Many of us carry this fear around in our hearts without even realizing it's there. It's almost unconscious, and yet it governs so much of our behavior.

All day long, in so many ways, most of us "tone things down." We think, "I couldn't possibly say THAT. People will think I'm unprofessional." Or we think, "An outfit that's completely blue? That's WAY too much blue! Everyone will stare at me!" We censor ourselves in so many ways.

After that epic photoshoot, I found myself thinking, "I don't want to tone things down. If anything, I want to crank things UP.

There is so much power in going for it. I believe when we hold ourselves back in one way, we hold ourselves back in all ways. This is why I love art! It delivers big feelings, big emotions. It is beauty, it is power, it elevates our vibrations. I think we all can agree that as a living thing we have an energy, and our energy is connected to and effected by everyone else's energy. Our vibrations affect each other, no doubt about it. Art is an amazing way to elevate your mood, and change your vibes.

So with art, and life, my main recommendation is to GO FOR IT. Just like Nike right? But honestly, why not? More beauty. More strength. More energy. More calm. Whatever you need, art can give it to you. As I like to say, art loves you.

How do we go for it? Find what stirs you. There is art out there for everyone. Start paying attention. It doesn't matter why it gives you feels. You do not have to explain it to anyone! That is the best part. If you find a certain style of painting, or sculpture, or photography that you LOVE and you don't know why? GREAT. It's yours, and there is no explanation needed. Own it with confidence and feel the feelings every day. Once I've found imagery I love (usually it's photography) I like to go BIG. As big as possible! I love a huge glossy acrylic. The way it gleams at me from across the room. I want to feel like I could step into the art, so the bigger the better. I also love wallpaper. Photo wallpaper is about the coolest thing ever, but so is a dynamic pattern, and there are so many stunning ones these days.

To die for rug by Kat + Maouche

Rugs are another thing I am obsessed with. They can be so beautiful and dynamic! And rugs are a great example of how art is in everything - it's not about only fine art. Art is our rugs, furniture, napkins! We have all of these opportunities to delight ourselves all day long.

I am a big believer that clothing can be art you wear, which one of the reasons why Scarlet and I connect so much! She is all about empowering people through fashion. As she puts it, "What we wear matters. It changes how we feel, how we express, and how we are perceived." Head over to Scarlet's site to learn more from this beauty. You can also find out where to buy all of these killer clothes on Scarlet's post!!

We express ourselves all day every day, and Alex is gifted in helping people do that more authentically and boldly! I encourage anyone to visit her site and sign up to get her newsletter. She also offers writing workshops!

Be sure to share this post with anyone who would love it! And today, push yourself to be bold!