Guys like art too! Art Fare Profile - Jake Goodson part 2


Welcome back to part 2 of the Art Fare Profile of Jake Goodson. I think it's so cool to see a home decorated exclusively by a guy that is so full of life and character right?? No blank walls here! One thing that guys tend to do well is to use their favorite sports as art. Like Herve in the profile I did of his family, he doesn’t put up the surfboards he actually uses, but ones he finds beautiful and inspirational. It’s the same with Jake. These skateboards don’t even have wheels. He won’t be riding them on his skate ramp in the backyard (yes you read that right). He finds them fun and graphically interesting. mexican art skateboard

This one I just love the graphics on. If I was gonna get more tattoos I might do one of those. 

skateboard art

Skateboard art is really interesting because it's disposable art. And a lot of it is subversive. 

skateboard art

Jake puts graphic skateboards all over the house. Even in his daughter's room. It's totally authentic to who he is, but still artistic and creative. While some of the boards he hangs up for the design element, some are very personal. The board above on the far right is exactly like the first board he learned to skate on.

skateboard art


mexican art

Jake also has a deep love for Mexico, where he visits almost every year. His home has art picked up from these travels in every room as well. One of the most exciting pieces is this Day of the Dead print by Carlos Ello in Mexico City. The blanket over the headboard here is a family heirloom from his great grandfather. I really love putting a graphic blanket over the headboard. It's a non-permanent way to change the look of your bed.

bedroom decor

One trick Jake has for finding art is using Etsy. This is something I have never tried, because if there is one thing I've got in spades it is photography!!! So I am loving this tip. He goes on Etsy and searches photography for a very specific thing. Like Southwestern Cactus. It is important to be specific because the volume of photography on Etsy is so massive that is can be overwhelming. But if you know exactly what you want, you can find gorgeous art!! Look at this beauty hanging in the bathroom that I totally want to steal.

palm trees

triangles hallway

And this cool graphic print? Etsy strikes again! I love this one! Let's just have a moment for Etsy. What a rad company. People from all over the world can sell their art and jewelry and decor to other people all over the world. This is when the internet is fantastic.

bedroom wallpaper mural photograph

Ok it's no secret that I LOVE wallpaper. I love a big statement. And the fact that you can make a whole wall in your home into a scene from your favorite place in the world is totally bananas amazing! This photo in Celine's bedroom is one of my own taken in the Dominican Republic. This is actually so easy to do you guys. I use, and to find out more check out this blog post on Turning Your Photos into ART!

home office house paintings

Jake is a real estate agent in Portland. He has a small collection of these super cool paintings of houses in his office and hallway. He found them at a local block party that happens once a month for $50 a pop! I absolutely love these and I love that they are local and so personal to his business. Sometimes it's hard to see the diamonds in the piles of rocks that can be a street art fair - you know what I mean? But they are there! Maybe next time you find yourself surrounded by street art, think of Jake and take a closer look.

A huge thank you to Jake for being a part of this Art Fare Profile! Be sure to share this post with your spouse, friends, anyone working on decorating their home. Which is everyone!! Thanks guys!