Thanks for joining me here with the hopes of taking better pictures on your phone! On this blog I will share tips on taking photos as well as what to do with them and beyond. To learn more about me and and the point of this site click here. I hope you love the info in 5 steps to better IPhone photos! Didn’t get it? Click here.

If you have questions about any of those tips- read on! It’s tricky business but help is on the way.

I also should mention that I took all of these photos on my phone. Yes I take a lot of photos with my professional camera and post those to social media sometimes, but for this post I am only including photos from my phone, which is an IPhone 5! That lets you know something about me right away- that I am not a gear head. I just don't worry about having the latest and greatest. And you don't need to either. Whatever you are working with- these tips can help you get better photos from it!

Tip one: Tap on the screen where you want to focus. So if you are taking a photo of people this can be as easy as tapping on a face. Do you ever get blurry or fuzzy photos on your phone? This is probably because the camera is trying to decide what to focus on. Help it out by tapping on the screen where the focus should be. Easy enough.

The next part is where it gets tricky. And awesome. Where you tap will also tell your phone where you want it to expose light from. So if you tap somewhere dark, the entire photo will brighten. If you tap in a bright area the entire photo will darken. This is the best! You are no longer at the mercy of your camera! You have control.

The phone will automatically expose from the brightest spot in frame. In the case of the photo above, the brightest spot is the sun in the sky. That made everything else go completely dark. By tapping lower down in the frame, I changed that exposure. Notice I did not tap all the way down to the darkest part of the frame. Just about halfway down. This makes the sky blow out a bit, and the dark foreground brighten up which was my goal.

Also, if you hold your finger down on the spot for a longer moment, a square will pop up and the letters AE/AF LOCK. This means your setting (exposure and focus) will be locked in so you can take as many photos as you like with this setting. To unlock simply tap the screen anywhere.


Here is a great example of how you can change the exposure on your phone. The first image is what the phone exposed for on it’s own- the chandelier- which left everything else in the photo dark. All I had to do it tap the frame away from the chandelier in the dark part on the tables or the bar, and it instantly brightens. The third frame was the final product using an Instagram filter to really make it pop. Speaking of filters, the iPhone has filters built in that you can and should use! This might seem like a lot of steps but stay with me here... Open the photo, hit Edit, tap the dial icon, tap the word Light, hit the bars on the right, here you will find 2 tools I use all the time. Contrast and Shadows. I love to increase the contrast to make photos pop, you can also decrease it if that is the look you are going for. The Shadows filter will add light into the dark areas of a photo- which can help a ton!


Now comes my passion for backlit subjects. I love love love back light. Everyone has trouble with this because when the sun is behind their subject, the faces are too dark. But all you have to do is tap the face (or anywhere on them) and their face becomes perfect and the bright part becomes a nice highlight. Seriously, stop being one of those people who makes everyone face the sun with their eyes all squinty and harsh shadows all over them. Use this trick and people can open their eyes for you and the light will be soft on their face instead of hard. All your friends will love you for this and you will be praised for your photo skills.

See you next week for part 2 where I’ll show you how to use color and patterns for some rad shots!

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