The artist at home. Part 2 with Kiersten Crowley


Welcome back to part 2 of Kiersten Crowley! After reading part 1 and seeing her studio, aren't you curious to see her actual home?? The studio is the attic space of her house, and here is the living space. And honestly, it's just cool. Some people (artists especially) are so used to making creative decisions because they do it constantly, so they don't get overwhelmed by choice. They know their style well and they are able to decorate in a way that perfectly suits them. Don't we all wish we could decorate like that? Well, we can. But it takes practice, and like I always say, it's a muscle that gets stronger with use! Check out Kiersten's style. She choses all these rad pieces of wood and pots and plants. You can tell she loves different textures. But she definitely does not over do it. The overall look is still pretty clean. living room fireplace

In the winter she mostly heats the house with wood, using the wood stove every day. I absolutely love the wood plank to the right of the fireplace. She found it at a garage sale and bought it, not knowing what she would do with it. She brought it home, stuck it right there on the wall and has never moved it!

living room

I just love this coat rack Kiersten made for her entry! So clever. So easy! She just attached antique foot forms to a piece of wood and - boom. Coat rack.


dining room

Kiersten has one of those great old Portland homes with all the built-in cabinets. That can look messy if you have too much competing for attention. I think it's smart how she keeps the color palette neutral. Just whites and greens and browns. She loves ceramics and showcases her collection of candlesticks and pots.

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house because of this wall of windows. 

dining room



I am so impressed by this insect display that Kiersten did herself! If you have ever seen a display like this for sale you know how expensive they can be! But apparently the insects themselves are affordable. So she bought the insects and pinned them to a cloth covered frame. So smart!


One cool thing Kiersten did was remove the closet doors in her bedrooms and put up curtains. This makes the closet an extension of the room and make the whole thing feel less like a box. I really love this idea and feel like more people should do it! Especially since her closet has a window, now that light comes through into the entire room. Those curtains really soften up the room too.

kiersten crowley jewelry kitchen

Kiersten's love of wood is in full force in the kitchen. She had a friend custom make the wood shelves, and the counters are walnut butcher block. She also collects baskets and wood containers for everything!

I love a kitchen where everything is out in the open like this. When you display the items you use, they become your decor!


Thank you so much to Kiersten for opening up her home to Art Fare! It was so cool for me to see the way she puts together her home and studio. If you liked it too let me know in the comments below that you want to see more artists profiled!

Find Kiersten's work at Uni Jewelry and Kiersten Crowley